Gary Cheek


Marketing strategies, extensive print knowledge, account management.

Breaks problems down well, thinks strategically and considers long term solutions.

Great at coming up with ideas and thinking creatively.

Confident to go with an idea even if it is a little unconventional.

Throws things at webcams, works best after a bacon roll and cappuccino. Always wants to know about the latest gadgets and software.

Enjoys cycling, eating cake, cooking, anything Apple.

Kerrie Walsh

Graphic Designer

Creative design, concept development, branding.

Obsessive typesetter, loves good use of colour and problem solving. Hates bad kerning and can be annoyingly fussy over accuracy (its got to be right!).

Ducks when things are thrown at her via webcam.

Works best with music on and comes up with best ideas in the middle of the night - keeps a sketchbook next to the bed.

Enjoys cycling, mountain biking, nachos, New Scientist and rock music.

Robin Baker

Web Developer

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, HTML.

Enjoys a challenge - producing programs that are reliable, flexible and interactive. Use of design patterns and good documentation to make the code clear and adaptable.

Plays piano - classical and jazz. Other interests include history and science. Appeared twice on the first series of the BBC4 quiz show “Only Connect”. Has a Physics degree.

Enjoys pub quizzes, cryptic crosswords, cooking and walking.

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